Does Hawley Have Lock on Trump Endorsement?

During a speech in St. Charles, Missouri, last week, President Donald Trump said of Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, “Josh, when you’re ready, you have my word, I’m going to come here and campaign for you.”

Most observers have taken this as an endorsement, which it would certainly seem to be. But at least one of Hawley’s Republican opponents for U.S. Senate, retired Air Force pilot Lt. Colonel Tony Monetti, does not assume that Trump’s kind words represent an endorsement of Hawley in the primary. Monetti is operating as though this were still an open question.

Last month former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka came to the Kansas City area to help raise money for Monetti, and he will repeat the performance in the St. Louis area. Last week, Monetti went to New York to meet with another prominent Trump adviser, Steve Bannon. While in New York Monetti took in a Trump fund raiser.

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