In Moniteau, Monetti stands up as U.S. Senate candidate

CALIFORNIA, Mo. – U.S. Senate candidate, Lt. Col. Tony Monetti, stood up to stand out at Moniteau County’s Lincoln Days on Saturday at the United Church of Christ, 101 N. Oak St., California.
At an event earlier this year, featuring President Trump, the party elite would not let Monetti speak, but did let his opponent speak. To demonstrate how he bypassed the elite to win Trump’s notice at another event, decorated combat veteran Monetti stood on a chair in California and spoke directly to the audience just as he spoke directly to the president.

Trump, with the crowd cheering, said Monetti had gotten everyone’s attention. Trump then called on his presidential counselor, Kellyanne Conway. She advised Monetti not to believe polls, and he does not.
“All I’m asking you to do is make sure this veteran has a level playing field so I have an opportunity to debate the issues,” Monetti told the California crowd of more than 100. “I’m ready to serve again.”
The firstborn son of Italian immigrants, Monetti flew a B-52 at nearly ground level to destroy infrastructure in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. Surviving a near-death experience with his crew, Monetti joined the first pilots handpicked to fly the then-new B-2 Stealth Bomber. A decorated combat veteran, Monetti flew a B-2 during the Kosovo Conflict.

In addition to serving nearly a quarter century in the Air Force, Monetti started a successful restaurant, wrote Christian-themed books with his wife and worked as the University of Central Missouri’s assistant dean of aviation. His practical knowledge and leadership experience helped to grow the program by 35 percent, and UCM Aviation achieved profitability for the first time since the program’s start in 1968.