Monetti completes another whirlwind tour

WARRENSBURG, Mo. – Lt. Col. Tony Monetti, 53, the U.S. Senate candidate whose name is first on the Aug. 7 primary ballot, completed another whirlwind tour of cities and counties during the past week – attending meetings and events in Independence, St. Louis County, Joplin and Springfield.


A former B-52, B-1 and B-2 stealth bomber pilot, Monetti flew a plane Friday to Springfield, where he spoke to the Pachyderms. He then traveled to Franklin County Lincoln Day. On Saturday, Monetti flew southwest to Joplin for Jasper County Lincoln Day, and then flew back across the state for St. Louis County Lincoln Day.

The first Republican to announce his candidacy, Monetti has worked for nearly a year to build a network of supporters in every part of Missouri.

Among Monetti’s goals are making America greater by standing for changes that support businesses and jobs, religious freedoms under the First Amendment, gun rights under the Second Amendment, lower health care costs, and a strong military that safeguards democracy.

A decorated combat veteran, university aviation director, businessman, civic leader and faith book author, Monetti will cover topics that include what makes his military and public service achievements important as indicators of character, and goals he plans to accomplish in the Senate.