Monetti speaks in Bolivar

BOLIVER, Mo. – Lt. Col. Tony Monetti, the U.S. Senate candidate whose name tops the Aug. 7 primary ballot, spoke at the Polk County Lincoln Day Dinner on Thursday at McClelland Dining Hall on the Southwest Baptist University campus in Bolivar.

A B-2 stealth bomber pilot, businessman, university department leader and man of faith, Monetti said the nation needs people who understand the threat American faces, who know how to run a business, who value education and who live their faith. He said he will help President Trump change the culture in Washington.

The Polk County Lincoln Day Dinner is the 18th Monetti has attended to support fellow Republicans.

Another candidate said “establishment” candidate Attorney General Josh Hawley has been at one event.

Monetti stands for changes that support businesses and jobs, religious freedoms under the First Amendment, gun rights under the Second Amendment, halting illegal immigration, lower health care costs, and a strong military that safeguards democracy.