Monetti alone at Newton County candidate fair

NEOSHO, Mo. – Showing up is half the battle and U.S. Senate candidate Lt. Col. Tony Monetti, 54, scored
a total victory as the only candidate in the race to appear Tuesday at the Newton County Candidate Fair in
Neosho before a crowd of about 140 people.

Retiring Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard headlined the event, thanking fellow Republicans for
having allowed him to serve. Combat veteran Monetti followed, delivering the message that he believes
in God; opposes abortion and gun control; supports term limits, a balanced budget, the U.S.-Mexico wall
and a “plain language” amendment; and is on the campaign trail because he believes that seeking votes
by meeting people in person is what Missourians want versus the establishment seeking to buy the
election for Attorney General Josh Hawley.

Crowd member Doug Joyce said replacing incumbent U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill with another lawyer,
Hawley, would be a mistake. He said Missouri needs to elect a veteran, Monetti.

“We don’t need any more lawyers,” Joyce said. “We need veterans. And he’s a businessman.”

The last day to withdraw from the ballot also took place Tuesday. The 11 contenders are Monetti, a
retired B-2 bomber and assistant dean of aviation at the University of Central Missouri, whose name is
first on the ballot; Austin Petersen, who ran for president as a Libertarian in 2016; Attorney General Josh
Hawley; Courtland Sykes, who moved to Missouri from Arkansas in 2017; Kristi Nichols, who made failed
runs for the seat in 2010 and 2016; Brian Hagg; Bradley Krembs; Ken Patterson, who ran for St. Louis
County executive in 2010; Peter Pfeifer; Christina Smith; and Fred Ryman, the Constitution Party
nominee in 2016.