Monetti speaks to Jackson County Pachyderms

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – About a dozen Greater Kansas City Pachyderms in Jackson County heard U.S.
Senate candidate Lt. Col. Tony “MAGA” Monetti, 54, discuss issues during a meeting May 22 at V’s Italian
Ristorante in Independence.

Combat veteran Monetti stated firmly that Gov. Eric Greitens, who received the Purple Heart as a Navy
Seal, deserves his day in court, not the calls made for his resignation by Attorney General Josh Hawley
and other RINOs. Hawley, also running for Senate, is too inexperienced and lacks the heart to defeat
incumbent U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill Nov. 6, Monetti said.

With another school shooting having taken place, Monetti said his call to action to prevent future
shootings involves improving the nation’s mental health care system. He said he also supports using
trained civilian and military police retirees, paid or volunteer, as armed guards in schools. He said he does
not agree with those who suggest gun control is the answer.

“When they take away your guns, then your freedom is next,” Monetti said.

Monetti travels the state in his Make America Great Again monster pickup truck to deliver the message
that he believes in God; opposes abortion and gun control; supports term limits, a balanced budget, the
U.S.-Mexico wall and a “plain language” amendment to make clear what laws mean; and is on the
campaign trail because he believes seeking votes by meeting people in person is what Missourians want
versus what he calls “the RINO elite” seeking to buy the election for Hawley.

The last day to withdraw from the ballot took place Tuesday. The 11 contenders include Monetti, a retired
B-2 stealth bomber and assistant dean of aviation at the University of Central Missouri, whose name is
first on the ballot; Hawley; Austin Petersen, the agnostic who ran for president as a Libertarian in 2016;
and Courtland Sykes, who moved to Missouri from Arkansas in 2017.