Monetti speaks to Pettis Pachyderms

SEDALIA, Mo. – Lt. Col. Tony “MAGA” Monetti, 54, the U.S. Senate candidate whose name is first on the
Aug. 7 primary ballot, spoke to the Pettis County Pachyderm Club on Friday at Best Western State Fair Inn,
3120 S. Limit Ave., Sedalia.

Rep. Dean Dohrman asked which committees Monetti would want to join. Monetti answered his military
and business backgrounds, and his knowledge of and concern for family farms, would make him valuable
as a member of several committees.

“There’s so many different opportunities for me,” Monetti said.

Audience member Mark E. McDonald said, “Our country’s on a collision course with financial collapse.”

Monetti said out of every $100 the federal government spends, $7 is used to pay interest on the debt.

“We need to address this dependency on government,” he said.

A spending cap would help balance the budget, Monetti said, and so would delivering this message to
Congress: “You don’t get paid until you balance the budget.”

Monetti said he flew B-52s in the first Iraq war, and the B-2 stealth bomber in Kosovo, because he
supports democracy.

“I did it for love of country,” he told the group. “We need to go back to our culture of service before self.”

In his Make American Great Again monster pickup truck, Monetti has attended 43 Republican Party
Lincoln Days in dozens of cities and counties, from Kansas City to St. Louis, from Unionville on the Iowa
border to Kennett on the Arkansas border, and dozens of points between. Lincoln Days are fundraisers
that support Republicans running for county and other area offices. Hawley has attended one Lincoln Day,
but he made time to attend a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser for himself in Frontenac, a St. Louis suburb
where the median house price is $750,000.

Monetti supports religious freedom under the First Amendment, gun rights under the Second
Amendment, a wall to stop illegal aliens, lower taxes, fewer business regulations, lower health care costs,
and a strong military. He is decorated combat veteran, university aviation director, businessman, civic
leader and faith-based author.