We have the momentum, but the corruption we face won’t back down now.

My fellow patriots, you men and women who love God and aren’t afraid to shout about it, you “deplorables” who can’t stand the career clowns, WE ARE WINNING. The opposition is running scared, and you all made it happen.

As I continue to travel across the Show-Me state it is clear we have the momentum. But we must continue to keep the fight going. Corruption won’t back down now. Former Governor Sarah Palin and I have organized a rally to keep the Swamp afraid.

Join Sarah and I for a once in a lifetime chance to take part in history! At KC LIVE at Power and Light on June 27th we will join forces to Make America Great Again.

Do not miss your moment to show the DC Career bozos what you think of them. Stand with me and Governor Palin against the establishment. There will be live entertainment, delicious hors d’oeuvres, photo opportunities, and a Conversation Cordial between us and Sarah. I want to see you there! Join us for a night you patriots deserve!

Buy tickets today at jointhebash.com