Dear Fellow Missourians – From A Grateful American Who Lives in and loves Missouri! Stephen F. Pringle, MA, DMIN

Dear Fellow Missourians,

I am a Missouri citizen, born and raised on a farm in Southwest Missouri. My father and grandfather were sawmill operators and raised cattle. Their examples prepared me to serve over 40 years as a minister, military chaplain, and now, owner of a thriving mental health counseling practice with offices in Independence, Liberty and Warrensburg, Missouri.

I was raised to look for three defining traits that someone must possess before they receive my vote for office. First, they must be a person of Purpose; someone who knows what they need to do and know how to do it. Second, they must be a person of Principles with a solid foundation for the Principles they live by. I was raised to believe that strong and sound Faith in God is that foundation. Third, they must be a person of Passion for what is good and right. Their passion must be genuine, managed, and focused so that they are a leader people want to follow and place their trust in. All these exist in Tony Monetti.

The Purposed, Principled, and Passionate mind and heart of Tony Monetti is obvious when he speaks his position on serious issues that matter deeply to me, my family, and fellow Missourians. To gain my endorsement, a candidate must be rock solid on the issues of Protecting Life, Religious Liberty, The Second Amendment, The Armed Forces, and supporting Small Business. Tony is rock solid on these and more!

Tony Monetti has earned my confidence! With great pleasure and zero hesitancy, I endorse retired Lieutenant Colonel Tony Monetti as the best candidate for our next US Senator! Join me in the effort to make Tony Missouri’s next US Senator!

A Grateful American Who Lives in and loves Missouri! Stephen F. Pringle, MA, DMIN

President, Diakonos Counseling