Dear State Committee, have you forgotten how our country was founded? Sincerely, Virginia Campbell

July 10, 2018

Dear State Committee:

My name is Virginia Campbell. I am eighty-four years old, a retired forty year elementary teacher, a strong patriot, and very disturbed at your attempt to disenfranchise our voting rights.

My reason in writing is to reply to the Missouri GOP State Committee’s recent decision to suspend Rule 11 as a way to insure that Josh Hawley wins the primary election as the candidate for the US Senate. Where is the integrity in doing this? Who should decide for me who I select as a candidate?

Have you forgotten how our country was founded? It was the common man, “We the People”, men and women who were willing to fight and die for freedom from tyranny. Do you understand “Freedom” to live my life and make my own choices?

What integrity does Josh Hawley have allowing this to go forward? He could have said he would not accept this and it is not fair to the other candidates. That would have shown character. He has instead chosen to allow the Establishment to control him.

This decision will be a sure win for Claire McCaskill as many think Josh Hawley is a weak ineffectual candidate. The Establishment should have left him to do the job we the people elected him to do as Attorney General. Josh Hawley stated he was not going to “climb the ladder” and that is what he is doing.

Money cannot buy integrity and should Josh Hawley be the candidate after the August primary you can expect Claire McCaskill to win the General election. The Missouri GOP will be responsible for another senatorial loss.

In conclusion, the Missouri GOP State Committee needs to be aware how angry the voters of Missouri are with our choices being taken away from us! It makes you look like the “Swamp” that is ruining our country. Please reconsider your decision and rescind suspension of Rule 11 before the RNC becomes involved and starts pouring millions into a dead race. Thank you.

Virginia Campbell