Economy & Jobs

The federal government should focus on jobs in general. We need to cut taxes and regulations so that businesses spend time on what matters—growth and job creation. Following this year’s tax-cut law, companies announced higher wages and bonuses for employees. I support this business-minded direction because it spurs the economy forward for everyone, workers and employers.

Factory jobs — Research shows robotics and artificial intelligence could end non-tech jobs, such as flipping burgers, driving trucks, and factory and warehouse work. The nation needs to develop a long-term strategy to make sure the tech age leaves no one behind.

Farm jobs — The reauthorization of the 2018 farm bill affects growers and everyone who buys groceries. I will fight for regulation that protects family farms and encourages agro-economic growth.

Farm protection — The USDA’s 2018 Farm Sector Income Forecast predicts a 6.8 percent drop in inflation-adjusted, real farm income. Net farm income is down 55 percent since 2013. The Organization for Competitive Markets reports rural poverty is 31 percent higher than urban poverty. We must protect family farms. If they go, competition goes with them, jobs go with them, and international agribusiness giants will set prices.

Infrastructure — Missouri needs to continue its support of President Trump’s 1.5 trillion dollar plan to improve our infrastructure. Let’s boost the economy by putting people to work on roads and bridges. Opportunities for job creation exist throughout Missouri. For instance, Interstate 70 should be six lanes between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Minimum Wage — I believe in a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work. Voters in each state should decide if they want to exceed the federal minimum wage.