Let’s face it, the economy touches every single citizen. We are dependent upon a strong, robust economy that reflects responsible investment and growth balanced by intelligent and responsible spending. It’s time to re-invest in those things that made this Nation great: its citizens, small businessmen, farmers, ranchers, workers and a crumbling infrastructure. The federal government should be doing everything within its power to reduce regulations that cripple small businesses, family owned farms and ranches, to increase jobs, manufacturing, and our transportation networks, and to provide businesses with the access to capital while providing fair laws and wages for our strongest asset – our workforce. I will fight for the Middle Class and value our workers who are the backbone of our country. They deserve fair pay and less taxes. The federal government should encourage job training programs, invest in technology to increase our competitive edge, increase farming yields, and stimulate technological innovation. Finally, we must reform our tax structure to reflect a fair distribution of the load by reducing entitlements, lowering corporate tax rates where possible, and re-thinking our current income tax base.