Our health care system needs help, including tort reform, lower prescription drug prices, mental health support, and the repeal of Obamacare. Further, we need to examine the future of Social Security.

Medical tort laws – The looming threat of legal action forces doctors to perform unnecessary diagnostic procedures. These gratuitous actions raise health care costs while benefiting no one. Get the lawyers out of the operating room, and let our medical professionals do their jobs.

Prescription drugs – This country often prices prescription drugs many times higher than comparable foreign systems. We can do better for our citizens. I will seek means to lower prescription drug costs.

Mental health funding – Many people have mental health problems, my son among them. The public needs more low-cost access to psychological care. I support expanded access to clinics, with additional resources including more doctors. I recognize the urgency of America’s mental health needs.

Obamacare – We need to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Alternative measures might entail tax credits and individual health savings accounts or develop funding for private and public health clinics. We must address health insurance issues like lifetime limits, pre-existing conditions, the rising cost of prescriptions, and the lack of affordable and accessible mental health care.