Immigration Reform

I support security, I support building the wall, and I support dreamers.

Security — Immigrants like my parents built this country and that merits our respect. But these folks should enter the United States legally. Border screenings exist to ensure our citizens’ safety. This country attracts so many diverse people because it is a safe place to live and prosper; let’s keep it that way.

The Wall — I am the son of legal Italian immigrants. I am not against legal immigration. But I am against illegal aliens entering our country without permission. That must stop. I support building a wall and I support making sure everyone who enters our country follows our law.

Dreamers — Children brought to America illegally came without choice. If that kid has led a good life, they deserve to stay. Such individuals should be allowed to earn citizenship in this great country. But the parents, like millions of America’s past immigrants, should enter fairly and legally.