Law & Order

We are a nation built upon laws with a legal and legislative system to keep those laws current, compassionate, and apropos. As such, we have a responsibility to protect our citizens. We can do this through a stronger emphasis on policing and prosecuting those dangerous criminals who target the welfare and safety of our citizens; such as, violent offenders, human and drug traffickers, sex offenders, child pornographers, and violent illegal immigrants. We must provide our law enforcement agencies with the proper training and equip them to do the job.

One area where we have failed in our responsibility as a Nation, is in supporting our vision of the American dream for those who seek to join us in their quest to be free. The immigration issue must be addressed. My parents legally immigrated from Italy. I am a first generation American. I am committed to working towards a solution to the immigration quandary that works for everyone in a legal, rational, responsible manner.