Safety and Security

I spent over twenty years studying this nation’s security and serving its military; I understand our situation better than anyone in this race. I support improving our cyberwarfare readiness, agro-terrorism defense, VA hospitals, and strengthening domestic law enforcement.

Defense spending – As a veteran, I believe our military should be used wisely, sparingly, but must be ready to defeat any enemy, foreign or domestic. Those who would bring us to our knees fail only because we have the best-trained, best-equipped military in the world. That must continue.

Cyber Warfare — Conventional and nuclear weapons help protect this nation. However, our enemies are always innovating. Foreign governments and terrorist sponsored cyber assaults threaten America’s security. These attacks endanger military readiness, financial institutions, and our power grid. We must do more to train and equip the military to counter these serious threats.

Agro-terrorism funding – Agro-terrorism must not be ignored. An attack on our herds or crops could cost this country billions. That’s why I favor adequate funding for groups such as the National Plant Diagnostic Network and the Center for Food Security and Public Health.

VA hospitals – I want the same health care choices for our veterans that members of Congress receive. I will work to ensure my fellow veterans receive the physical and mental health care they deserve, as well as the respect due to them for serving our nation.

Law enforcement – We have a responsibility to protect our citizens. We can do this through a stronger emphasis on policing and prosecuting dangerous criminals, including violent offenders, human and drug traffickers, sex offenders, child pornographers, and violent illegal immigrants. We must provide our law enforcement agencies with proper training and equip them to do the job.