Small Business

As a small business owner, I want government to get out of my way.

Regulations – We need to cut taxes and regulations to free up businesses to spend more time and money on growth and job creation. This year’s tax-cut is a step in the right direction.

Access — We need to give small businesses greater ability to compete for government contracts, offer more SBA loans and strengthen entrepreneurial development programs.

Loss of family farms — Family farms are small businesses, and they are vital to Missouri’s economy. The USDA’s 2018 Farm Sector Income Forecast predicts a 6.8 percent drop in inflation-adjusted, real farm income. Net farm income is down 55 percent since 2013. The Organization for Competitive Markets reports rural poverty is 31 percent higher than urban poverty. If family farms go, competition goes with them, and international agribusiness giants will set our prices. We must protect family farms.