Which is the best Malayalam News Channel To watch Live?

Which is the best Malayalam News Channel To watch Live? Jul, 22 2023

Introduction to Malayalam News Channels

As a language that is predominantly spoken in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Malayalam has a rich and diverse media industry. Among them, Malayalam news channels hold a special place as they serve as the primary source of information for the people in this region. From local news to global affairs, these channels cover a wide array of topics. But with so many options available, you might be wondering which is the best Malayalam News Channel to watch live. In this article, I will be talking about some of the best channels in this genre.

Asianet News: The Leader of the Pack

When it comes to Malayalam news channels, Asianet News is undoubtedly the leader of the pack. Known for its unbiased reporting and comprehensive coverage, this channel is a favourite among Malayali viewers. With a team of seasoned journalists and reporters, Asianet News ensures that every story is thoroughly investigated and presented in an easily understandable format. Plus, their live streaming service ensures that you can stay updated with the latest news, no matter where you are.

Manorama News: The Trusted Source

Next on the list is Manorama News, a channel that is respected for its accurate and reliable reporting. As a part of the renowned Malayala Manorama newspaper group, this channel carries forward the legacy of trust and integrity that the group is known for. The channel's live streaming service is top-notch, and their user-friendly website and mobile app make it easy for viewers to access their content anytime, anywhere.

Mathrubhumi News: The Voice of the People

Mathrubhumi News is another popular Malayalam news channel known for its people-centric journalism. Be it local issues or national matters, this channel gives a voice to the common man's concerns and views. Its live streaming service is reliable and efficient, ensuring that viewers are never out of touch with the latest happenings. Furthermore, Mathrubhumi News also has a strong digital presence, making it a great choice for the tech-savvy viewer.

News18 Kerala: The New Kid on the Block

Though relatively new, News18 Kerala has quickly gained a strong foothold in the Malayalam news industry. The channel offers a fresh perspective on news reporting and is known for its innovative approach. Their live streaming service is seamless and easy to access. With a strong commitment to truth and transparency, News18 Kerala is definitely a channel to watch out for.

Kairali News: The Channel with a Heart

Kairali News stands out for its unique approach to news reporting. Focusing on human interest stories and social issues, this channel is known for its empathetic journalism. Their live streaming service is smooth and uninterrupted, making it a pleasure to watch. If you're looking for a news channel that goes beyond just reporting the news, Kairali News is the one for you.

24 News: The 24/7 News Provider

24 News, as the name suggests, is a channel that aims to provide news round the clock. Known for its prompt and objective reporting, this channel ensures that viewers are always in the know. Their live streaming service is top-notch, and their content is easily accessible through various digital platforms. For those who want to stay updated 24/7, this channel is an excellent choice.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Malayalam News Channel

In conclusion, the best Malayalam News Channel to watch live depends on your personal preferences. Whether it's Asianet News with its comprehensive coverage, Manorama News with its trustworthiness, Mathrubhumi News with its people-centric approach, News18 Kerala with its fresh perspective, Kairali News with its empathetic journalism, or 24 News with its round-the-clock reporting, each channel offers something unique. So, tune in, and stay informed with the best of Malayalam news!